NURSES Etc STAFFING is currently seeking Full-Time Psychiatric Technician to join our team at Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Washington!

The Naval Hospital is in need of your skills and expertise. Our Psychiatric Technician are able to work to work full-time with Medical Benefits covered by us!

If you enjoy being a Psychiatric Technician and would like to work with Active Duty Members, Dependents and Retirees please apply!

Psychiatric Technician will receive:

  • PTO
  • 10 paid federal holidays
  • Sick Time
  • Excellent compensation
  • Paid health care benefits

Degree: GED or High School Diploma

Education: Graduation from an accredited Psychiatric Technician Program; or completion of an equivalent
education and experience that meets the requirement of the American Association of Psychiatric
Technicians or completion of education and experience as a behavioral science specialist/technician in the
United States military and proof of having completed an Armed Forces course involving psychiatric
technician training or civilian course from an accredited school in the care of behavioral health patients
Experience: One year of experience as a Psychiatric Technician after graduation.

Core Duties:

  • Conduct or assist in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Perform initial basic assessment procedures
    including standardized psychological testing, clinical interviewing, mental status examinations, substance
    abuse evaluations, and psychological and nursing assessment.
  • Identify mental health and nursing diagnoses, and provide patient education.
  • Observe, monitor, record, and report patient’s progress.
  • Conduct or assist in conducting group and individual counseling, therapeutic community, and other related
    milieu activities.
  • Institute precautionary measures to prevent patient injury or suicide.
  • Assist patients with nutritional, hygiene, and comfort measures.
  • Obtain and record vital signs.
  • Coordinate with other agencies regarding specified care, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and
    administrative functions. Contact military and community agencies to obtain collateral information.
  • Explain and interpret mental health services to patients or others.
  • Assist in, or arrange patient referral to public, private, and military community agencies.
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports pertaining to specialty services.
  • Assist with care of individuals experiencing acute and post-traumatic stress reactions.
  • Prepare and maintain treatment records.

How to Apply Instructions for Applicant
Email or Call:
Rebecca Martinez
210 566 9995
Nurses Etc Staffing