Caregiver needed for adult male suffering from short term memory loss due to TBI. He has also been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and PTSD. He can dress, feed and care for himself and is doing well on medication. However, due to pronounced short term memory issues he can not be home alone while his family member is working. This position offers flexible days, but long hours. The right person would have a working understanding of companion care and memory care. The patient needs someone at home to clean up after him when necessary, answer questions and be there to talk to. He is housebound when the family is away, because he becomes disoriented when he tries to leave on his own. The right person for this job would be comfortable in a quiet environment. The patient is sensitive to light and sound, so cell phone use would be limited to texting with the keypad volume off. Absolutely no talking on the phone, unless it is an emergency. Bonus, if the caregiver likes animals and plays chess. Psychiatric Tech students and Psychiatric Aides are encouraged to apply. Please, send resume via e-mail.

Contact: S. Yvonne Stutz

6700 Woodlands Parkway suite 230-255
The Woodlands, TX 77382