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Psychiatric Technicians provide care for mentally disordered or developmentally disabled clients. The term “Psychiatric Technician” includes a variety of employees with bachelors degrees or less who are providing direct care to those in need. Some examples of job titles are words such as psychiatric, mental health, or behavioral health, followed by technician, aide, worker, counselor, assistant or associate.

The Psychiatric Technician utilizes scientific and technical expertise, and manual skills to provide care and training for clients with mental disorders and developmental disabilities. Psychiatric technicians work in hospitals or group homes and state mental hospitals. Duties include watching and reporting patient behavior, monitoring vital signs, and helping with basic needs, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding.

Voluntary certification is a way for unlicensed Psychiatric Technicians to gain recognition as para-professionals, with the legitimate right to participate as members of mental health treatment teams. National Certification allows individuals to put the initials NCPT after their names, standing for Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician. In some cases, NCPTs receive better pay and promotional opportunities. And in some instances, employers require National Certification.